Why I Write for ELi

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Photo: Telaina Morse and husband-to-be Andrew Eriksen at her graduation from MSU, June 1990

Why I write for ELi

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photo: the reporter on her first day of fifth grade.

I was a reader of, and a financial contributor to, East Lansing Info (”ELi”) before I began writing for them. I value the hyper-local focus of its mission. I like that it’s ad-free and unbiased in its efforts to report fairly. I feel that this kind of non-profit service is essential for all communities, but especially for “small town” communities like East Lansing where good-old-fashioned “word on the street” (some might call it “gossip”) is as abundant as traditional journalistic fare.

All Tobacco Banned on MSU-Owned Property as of August 15

Thursday, May 26, 2016

As of Aug. 15, 2016, Michigan State University will prohibit all tobacco products from being used on university-owned property. Visitors to campus will not be able to smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco or use e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

MSU is among the last of Big Ten Universities to enact such a ban, and university officials are eager to see how the ban affects MSU’s initiative toward a healthier campus culture.

MSU spokesman Jason Cody said the Office of the Provost elected a committee to oversee the ban and ensure all opposing opinions were addressed.

East Lansing Public Library Closed May 16 - 22 for Phase II Renovations

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In order to prepare for the second phase of its renovation, the East Lansing Public Library will be closing its doors from Monday, May 16th until the following Sunday, May 22nd. However, library goers aren’t to fret because items will not be due during the library’s closure. Additionally, digital resources and an external book drop will still be available to the public.

YOUR ELI: Survey Says...

Friday, May 6, 2016


We received 148 responses to our reader survey which launched April 21, and the responses have been extremely useful to us as we work on improving ELi’s service to you and your neighbors. Our thanks go out to all those who took the survey.

Here’s some of what we learned and how we are responding as we work with our tech managers, Morgan Lees and Lisa Lees, to redesign some aspects of our website:

Travis Stoliker Joins ELi's Board of Directors

Friday, May 6, 2016


Travis Stoliker has joined East Lansing Info’s (ELi’s) Board of Directors as an at-large member at the invitation of the other three members of the Board. ELi is an IRS-recognized nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing factual, accurate, useful information to the people of East Lansing, Michigan. Board members are unpaid and subscribe to a Conflict of Interest policy.

City offers extra recycling services on May 9

Monday, May 2, 2016

As MSU students leave for the summer, the City of East Lansing wants to ensure that adequate curbside recycling services are available. They will be offering an extra recycling day on Monday, May 9 in areas of the community with high student rental turnover.

“We believe this extra collection day will help to reduce trash overflow and litter in these areas, while providing students with extra opportunities to recycle as they move out of their homes for the summer,” said East Lansing Environmental Administrator Cathy DeShambo.

YOUR ELi: Yes, We're Back

Friday, April 29, 2016

Above: The peach blossoms are also back (in the author's garden).

ELi’s sabbatical was a success. To be honest, I was pretty much constantly on the road for my other (paying!) work while ELi took a public break, but our outstanding Managing Editor Ann Nichols and I managed to stay in touch while she did substantial work researching and thinking about the structures of small, non-profit news service like ours.